Wednesday, February 3, 2010


These days there is a growing sense of awakening. Many more people are having experiences which cannot be logically explained via logical patterns of mental analysis. Unfortunately this provides a consciousness 'trap' for anyone to fall into. A self inflicted trap which pulls us back from growth, and leaves us stagnating in the mire of mis-identification. This comes about when we 'become' or identify with our thoughts, emotions and experiences. But we are not our thoughts, emotions or experiences. Neither are we the conditioned mind or senses which translate them. All these appear in front of and to us, for in essence we are the background awareness or pure consciousness which sees and experiences all such occurrences.

Periods of stagnation and non-growth arise when we become carried away with the Mego's desperate need and desire to assume some identity or to 'become' somebody. You cannot become what YOU are.

It's predictable for the Mego to become entangled with any phenomena. One of the characteristics of the Mego is attachment to ideas. In the act of having a vision one's Mego identifies with the idea of being a visionary. Thinking oneself to be intelligent, one identifies with intellect. Thinking oneself to be unhappy, one identifies oneself with unhappiness. The truth is that all these are experiences and notions which the Mego becomes absorbed by to such an extent that they 'appear' to be inseparable from the truth of who we are. And yet they are not what the Self is. They are simply covers which camouflage the ONE essence we are.

You cannot think or imagine the essence of what YOU are, you can only BE it.