Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Secret to Life : Being a Tree

It is human nature to grow; not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. What often happens is that specific patterns and memories remain unresolved in our computer-like brains, and this 'stuff' prevents us 'being in the flow'.

Remember how to be a tree. Look at how the tree works in alignment with nature and embodies that universal energy. It sheds what it needs in order to grow. If it didn't shed, it wouldn't grow. It has shed so much and continues to do so - - as it continues to grow. If we were to follow the example of the oak tree, we would all be free. We would not get caught up in the old doubting human mind of  'should and shouldn't' but simply be guided by and reflect the Intelligence of Life itself. If we were all to do that, then life on Earth would change. It would become powerfully simplified.

After all, what do we really need? Of course there are the basic physiological needs such as food and water, shelter and warmth - but what else do we really need? To grow we need to feel secure and safe, and to interact and exchange thoughts and feelings with family and friends. Then we need to feel a sense of fulfilment in our role, our occupation or our daily tasks. I wonder how many feel this?

But beyond all this, as human beings we have a drive, a need to recognise, realise and actualise our real selves. This is not about ego or non-ego. It is beyond both. It is about uncovering and re-connecting with the essential Love we all are. If we do that, we will all become happy, creative, fulfilled and loving beings.

In the next stage in the global evolution of human consciousness, the approaching dimension is the Soul. It is not the ego and neither is it non-ego. Soul is a hybrid of the two which sees and acts from both. It is individual and Universal, so I call it UNIVIDUAL. In this consciousness we learn to use the non-physical senses and expand into other dimensions, feeling, sensing and utilising energy and essential Love. To be able to do this, we need to clear our old habits, patterns and addictions, because these simply become obstructions, creating doubts and confusion.

Re-connecting with the Soul will initially feel like using a new piece of equipment. In truth, we have overlooked our inner being for so long, it has become camouflaged by layers and patterns. When we do re-connect, we start thinking from deep within and not solely in our brains. This means feeling, sensing and acting from the Divine Loving Heart of who we are. This works because it is organically connected to the individual and the whole. Then the unusual becomes the norm and life takes on a whole new meaning.

So if you're ready to grow, then be honest and open with your life, do your inner work - and Be your Soul.