Tuesday, January 12, 2010

NAKED BEING - the not me.

When the chattering mind falls away, what is found is 'no-mind' or unencumbered pure intellect. There is no longer any sense of ‘me’ – and no distinguishable ‘other’. The habitual mind of the ego has stopped its once incessant commentary and there is stillness, vibrant and alive in silence. Individual mind has given way to universal awareness, pure consciousness - and the old sense of ‘me' has completely gone.

Gone too are the mystical states and experiences which were once the comforter of the clinging illusory ego, which provided a sense of having to go somewhere ‘else’ and get something ‘other’. Now, in this moment, there is nowhere to go and nothing to get. There never was. This was always an undressing rather than an accumulation. A taking away rather than an adding on.

Now there is simply the flow of Life. Gone are all the imaginary and patterned layers of the ‘me’ existence. This simply IS - without needs, choice-less, holding on to nothing, utterly ordinary Naked Being.

Beyond any seeing, believing, witnessing you are THIS, within THIS and inseparable from THIS. THIS is all inclusive, anonymous and ever-present. Rather than the 'me' being the centre of the universe, there is no centre, no 'me' to bring up. The notion of 'me' is not the Heart of what you are. The Heart (being One) needs nothing, including the sense of identity. Only a separate entity requires an identity.

There are no others, no thats or its to compare with any ‘me’. Freedom just IS. This is beyond any concept, beyond any karma. Action arises in the flow of being. Dancing stillness, that’s all THIS is.