Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New endorsement - Orva Schrock

'Naked Being is a wonderful book that deserves wide distribution and readership.I love the format of separate numbered verses. The individual verses are an excellent way to present such profound and timeless truths. It is a book of deep wisdom, a book of great seeds for contemplation. The ancient timeless wisdom of the ages is here brought to life in modern language accessible to any interested reader. Naked Being, the book, should take its place on the bookshelves and reading tables of many folks who love the power and the glory of the Non-dual literature blossoming in our time. As Consciousness itself is evolving and expanding throughout the hearts and minds of sincere truth seekers every where, here is potent fuel for that pure flame. I hope it is a great sales success story. The message is oh so right in this time of madness in the world where people are starving for food to feed their souls.
Here is a rich banquet.' - Orva Schrock - Author: 'Grandpas Notebooks: The Evolution of an Amish Soul'