Friday, March 15, 2013


We can really learn who we are by letting go of who we think we are. In this way we can remain free from identifying with an idea or concept. For example, let's take the concept "I am this body". When I understand this, and no longer cling the idea that this is the absolute answer, I see that this idea is true when proposed within the physical dimension.

If I take an alternative view "I am not the body" then this appears true when proposed from the non-physical dimension. If I let go of both ideas or experiences, then I am free to experience any other possibility. Perhaps it could be that neither statement is true, or that both are true yet incomplete.

When we let go of all identities, then a new gap or space in consciousness appears. That is what I call the consciousness of the Soul, or Soulness. The Soul sees both the physical and non-physical as being parts of a greater whole. It is no longer seeking to find an identity because it is in open relationship and living communication with all elements and states of being of the human experience.That is why it can be described as the Holistic Mind of the Soul.

If we let go, the answer will appear. If you want to know yourself deeply, consciously and wholely, then you have nothing to remember at all.