Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Holistic Mind of the Soul

We are multi-dimensional beings. That is to say we are able to experience or merge with many dimensions or plateaus of consciousness, from ego to Universal. But if we are to continue living on this beautiful Earth, there is an urgent and necessary transition for us all to take part in. We must discover and evolve ways of being, living and doing so that we may regain our sanity and security. Only in this way will human beings continue to live on this Earth.

What we need is not something new. It is, and was always freely available in any moment. So freely available it became overlooked. And what is it we need?

It is the free flowing consciousness within each human being which touches the extremes of perception without becoming identified with them. For each one of us, it is possible to strike a healthy and harmonious balance between the dual and non-dual realities, a holistic body-brain-mind-spirit consciousness which has no need to identify with any one or specific part of who and what we are. I call this the Holistic Mind because in this consciousness it is possible to glimpse and utilise all facets of our being. It is in some sense ‘whole’ because it does not deny any part of who and what we are. Nevertheless it is free to continue growing without label and confinement. It is accepting, unconfined, and free to Be.

We are here with the potential to recognise ourselves in all our truth. To know all that we are so that we may realise all we may become. We are bodies, brains, minds and Spirit. But what knows this? The Soul.