Sunday, March 17, 2013


If we cultivate the courage and honesty to continue working on ourselves, we may come to a point where all ideas and labels of self begin to merge. It's a real, gradual and lasting transition, and you are left in no doubt about it's authenticity, for it is intuited, felt, sensed and discerned to be true. What this means is that when the distinction of higher and lower self begin to dissolve, the whole you begins to manifest. That whole you is the individual / universal 'hybrid' consciousness I call the Soul. It is the convergence of ego and essence. It is physical and non-physical. It is logical, discerning, intuitive, Divine; yes all these things. 

In Soulness, nothing is destroyed or killed off, because all that you are is accepted. The old sense of ego (that is absolute identification with an individual 'me') fades, but individuality continues, now merging with a deep sense of Oneness. It is an expanded homogenisation of consciousness rather than an emptying or purging of individuality. 

If we begin to truly accept all that we are, our tendencies and addictions also begin to fade. Choices of how to act which were once individual or societal based, now become intergrated with the whole. This is because the closer individual consciousness converges with the Soul, the more we think, speak and act holistically. The closer we merge with the Soul, the need to compare, evaluate or seek also dissolve. As this change becomes solidified, you are becoming One with all aspects and states of being a human. This is a natural process; the dropping away of the old mind of ego and the appearance of the new dimension of Soulness. 

The Soul has individual personality, expression and gifts, but does not absolutely or definitively identify with them as coming from or belonging to itself. There is no need. Its nature is to share. An unconditional act of loving kindness is an act from the Soul. 

We all have an opportunity to gradually realise a state of congruence with the Soul. It's not an idea or a belief, but a natural embodiment freely available to everyone.

The voice of the Soul is intuition, and its language is Love.

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