Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Golden Secret U Carry

Inner work requires courage, strength and dedication. Being honest and open, accepting, surrendering, embracing our whole being, loving and letting go; these are all ways to support the shedding of our 'stuff', allowing us to experience life in the most rewarding way.

The wholeness and sense of home we seek is present in us NOW. Indeed, there is never a moment when it's not. That's because what we are looking for is not somewhere else or in someone else, but present in each one of us.

This is something we can know. I don't mean knowing as in memory and concepts, but an undeniable knowingness which sweeps over you, an infinite wave of unstoppable love in which the old way of the mind is overwhelmed.

When I had a seizure several years ago, I fell to the floor and my individual mind separated from my body. I was able to clearly see that my body was a temporary vehicle allowing me to lead an earthly incarnation.

Secondly, as the individual mind of ego dropped away, I realised it was also only temporary.

Behind the body and the individual mind was a third and deeper state of being, which was individual and independent yet completely 'full' and at home. It was this deeper part of me that was full of love and overwhelmingly beautiful and peaceful. In an instant I knew that this presence was not only within me, but within everybody else too. This was the dimension of the Soul. Once you glimpse the Soul you realise a holistic connection between the body, mind and Spirit (Essence).

The ego seeks Essence, but cannot consciously exist with it. On the other hand, the Soul senses Essence, for it realises an abiding connection. Soul also sees the ego, and recognises it's arrival and departure. The Soul remains loving, allowing and observing.

It is also possible for us to dissolve into a SILENT Non-Dual state wherein the 'I' disappears and one merges with Essence. This is the direct experience of clear seeing. In this state there is only THIS. There is no separation, no individuality, no 'other'. Nothing to say, nothing to do and no human interaction required. THIS is the essence of us all.

But we are here on Earth to learn from the WHOLE human experience. In human beings, the Soul is the way in which the whole manifests and acts in the world. So Divine Wealth (our real treasure) is found when we think, speak and act in harmony with the Soul, because that action arises from a constant strength, equality, love and wholeness.

The real treasure in Life is YOU.