Friday, March 8, 2013

The Age of the Soul

Some believe and experience that the individual mind is who we are. Others experience themselves to be connected to all things, that there is one essential consciousness from which all life appears. I suggest that in order for humankind to continue to evolve, both duality and non-duality need be recognised as ordinary experience. For in reality we are dual and non-dual beings, remarkable multidimensional creatures of the universe. Those experiencing life from duality alone fail to see the essential nature of consciousness. And those who realise non-duality, yet fail to appreciate the necessary dynamic role of separation and form, somehow miss the wider picture.

 Without duality, there would be no way home to love.

 It is possible to see duality and non-duality, to oversee both – without fixed identification with either. Of course these are simply words attempting to convey a way of being, but nevertheless, the experiencing of life from this perspective could be described as knowing one’s self in all ways, from the finite to the infinite, the ego to the non-ego, and this is what we may call Soul-ness or the state or condition of the soul. Soulness means that there is an on-going realisation (and at the same time letting go) of individual and cosmic consciousness. That consciousness is neither fixed nor needing to ‘belong’ anywhere in particular.

When we undertake this journey, we discover that what was proposed as real is in reality an illusion, but as we venture deeper, we see that the illusion we have unveiled is also an illusion, for it somehow denies another part of human experience necessarily present at this time in our evolution. We are beings of form and formlessness, for denying either leaves us somehow incomplete. We are here on Earth with the possibility to realise the coming together of our individuality and our universality without prejudice or bias, for by doing so we naturally and organically converge the sense of higher and lower selves. I use the word organically, because this momentum and growth is directly derived from the living presence and natural expansion of consciousness itself.

 This is the age of the Soul, and we are all in the process of becoming whole.