Sunday, June 12, 2011


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Thursday, April 28, 2011

NEW REVIEW of Naked Being

It’s a rare skill to be able to use words, ideas and concepts to describe so clearly the silent and unbounded universe of consciousness. In the ‘inner space’ of being words have no place and meaning becomes increasingly irrelevant. Yet Jonathan is able to erect all the right signposts and this book is a testimony to the clarity of his insight, purity of vision and subtlety of awareness that takes many years to cultivate. But you’ll need to move slowly and stop frequently to gain full value from his illuminating descriptions, reflections and interpretations in order to see if you can ‘see’ for your self. If you do then it’s a book that will rightly remain by your side for a very long time.

Mike George
Author – The 7 Myths About LOVE…Actually!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Naked Being: Undressing Your Mind, Transforming Your Life by J M Harrison

04/03/2011 by Paradigm Shift

This is a collection of over 400 insights for all seekers of the inner self. It is a fusion of mainstream spirituality, esoteric oneness and non-duality. It is a powerful foundation for positive and lasting life changes. The author gently guides the reader into the experience of present moment awareness (the Now) and then shows you how to go beyond this.

I read this book cover to cover and then found that I wanted and needed to revisit sections and reflect deeply upon what was written there. The numbering of the statements makes it easy to dip in and out in this way. The book attempts to deliver answers to the reasons for being and the way to the heart of your true nature and does present spiritual ideals in an accessible form. It is challenging reading however and does need profound reflection to begin to gain understanding of the deeper meanings enclosed in the simple statements within the book e.g. “If you want to see the truth of what you are, then empty your mind and give the stillness that remains your undivided attention.”

Not an easy book, but a very worthwhile one.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New review from Pilgrims Mind Body Spirit

Once the title has caught your eye you realise this nakedness is about stripping away the illusions we have and the Being is our true self. Luckily there is a glossary of such terms at the start because this isn't easy reading for a beginner. However, the format is that the author's thoughts are presented as over 400 numbered sentences or paragraphs so it is designed to be dipped into and contemplated slowly. In this way it presents suitable material for meditation and for gradual understanding of the implications of Oneness…(14/01/11)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The spiritual journey takes a myriad of forms, yet all have the same destination which is called HOME.

For centuries, seekers have been lost in the belief that to experience Self-realisation or enlightenment is the absolute goal, when perhaps these awakenings could be said to be the beginning of the expansion of our consciousness from individual to universal.

The traditional Aristotlean poles of thought we have grown accustomed to using in our Western culture teach us that there are fundamentally two options; yes OR no, black OR white, good OR bad etc. However this is the weakness, the frailty and the flaw in our perception and leaves us unable to see the whole picture.

Because of this way of thinking, we tend to believe that being ultimately 'spiritual' means to develop our minds to the point that we may sit under a tree OM-ing away, and so be perceived as spiritual by others because of how we appear to be.

The reality is that SOULNESS (realisation of the consciousness of the Soul) occurs once we discover that in this lifetime on Earth, we are beings of duality AND non-duality. To simply live in one or the other excludes and separates our inherent and organic wholeness. In truth we are multi-dimensional beings who can adapt and change to what is required of us in any given moment. We are Animal and we are Divine. That is our reality - and that is what we have constantly overlooked.

Realisation of the Soul consciousness (SOULNESS) is the manifestation of a holistic view of all that we are which arises from the direct experience of Life itself. Soulness allows me to see that I am a body, mind and spirit tridentity - and that in this Earthly existence as an example of Homo sapiens sapiens - all three are an opportunity as well as a necessity.

Soulness is about remaining awake to the dimensions of Body, Mind, Spirit in any given moment. That is to say that I am this physical form called Jonathan, I have a unique personality and conditioned mind, and yet I am also conscious in sense and feeling that the 'I' of awareness in me is also the very same 'I' of awareness in you. That underneath all the thoughts, memories and patterns in your mind there is the one essential intelligence which is whole and loving. This is the Life Source we all came from and what we will all return to one day.

So we are the same yet different.
We are the One and the many.

If we can harness all that we are, remain aware and not attach ourselves to any one concept or possibility of consciousness, then we may be free growing liberated souls living a holistically conscious, choiceless, unburdened existence, at one with Life itself.


Perhaps there is a simple answer for this question. Evolution is about remembering. Remembering who and what we really are. At this point in time, it does not concern some huge shift in the physical but rather it's about the involution of human consciousness to the point where we may directly recognise our true nature.

For when we remember who and what we are, then we are conscious of the interconnectedness of all humanity, all life. We are no longer absolutely lost in the dream of duality, for we realise the one essence of Life itself. When we are one with Life itself, then we have expanded consciousness beyond the confines of duality, and when we are WHOLE then we have transcended the consciousness of both duality AND nonduality.