Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New endorsement - Liz Hill

"As a writer interested in spiritual topics, my hat is off to any author who attempts at the outset of his book to define terms like true self, pure consciousness, and joy of being. But it makes so much sense to do that, before launching into a work that is meant to guide the reader into “naked being” or pure-minded nature. Harrison has chosen to guide us in small, logical, manageable bites, numbered from 1 to 450. Though short, they are meaty enough for reflection or discussion. After reading it end to end, you may want to keep this one on a bedside table to flip open before bedtime or upon awakening. If you are familiar with mystical or enlightenment teachings, the ideas expressed in this book won’t be “new” to you. But then, these ideas are as ancient as creation itself, and every attempt at bringing them into the world is to be applauded."

Liz Hill - (www.singingmeditation.com) co-author of 'Singing Meditation: Together in Sound & Silence'

New endorsement - Unmani Liza Hyde

"Naked Being is like a strip-tease, slowly undressing all the beliefs and concepts that appear to conceal our natural naked being. Each layer of clothing is an insight which strips away yet another spiritual concept or idea of limitation, leaving nothing but the Freedom that is our true nature. Jonathan writes with very simple clarity to reveal the nakedness that we are beyond all ideas."

Unmani Liza Hyde (www.not-knowing.com) author of 'I am Life itself' and 'Die to Love'

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


These days there is a growing sense of awakening. Many more people are having experiences which cannot be logically explained via logical patterns of mental analysis. Unfortunately this provides a consciousness 'trap' for anyone to fall into. A self inflicted trap which pulls us back from growth, and leaves us stagnating in the mire of mis-identification. This comes about when we 'become' or identify with our thoughts, emotions and experiences. But we are not our thoughts, emotions or experiences. Neither are we the conditioned mind or senses which translate them. All these appear in front of and to us, for in essence we are the background awareness or pure consciousness which sees and experiences all such occurrences.

Periods of stagnation and non-growth arise when we become carried away with the Mego's desperate need and desire to assume some identity or to 'become' somebody. You cannot become what YOU are.

It's predictable for the Mego to become entangled with any phenomena. One of the characteristics of the Mego is attachment to ideas. In the act of having a vision one's Mego identifies with the idea of being a visionary. Thinking oneself to be intelligent, one identifies with intellect. Thinking oneself to be unhappy, one identifies oneself with unhappiness. The truth is that all these are experiences and notions which the Mego becomes absorbed by to such an extent that they 'appear' to be inseparable from the truth of who we are. And yet they are not what the Self is. They are simply covers which camouflage the ONE essence we are.

You cannot think or imagine the essence of what YOU are, you can only BE it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Endorsement - David Bingham

"As Consciousness reveals Itself with increasing clarity and simplicity, 'Naked Being' will prove to be an invaluable resource to all those wishing to enjoy the amazing adventure of Self Realisation."

David Bingham www.nonconceptualawareness.com

New Endorsement - Grady Harp #3 Amazon.com Classic Reviewer

Jonathan Harrison is best described as a Teacher of Being. In his previous book WE ARE ALL ONE he gently but firmly and supportingly guided his readers towards a path of self-realization. Now in this superbly written new book NAKED BEING: UNDRESSING YOUR MIND, TRANSFORMING YOUR LIFE he advances his ability to assist the reader in purging the misconceptions of self, offers an understanding of the non-duality (not separating the individual from the universe but instead realizing that all is one) of each of our existences.

Harrison’s book opens with a fine Foreword by Linda L. Pannell who offers a quote form the native American Chief Seattle – ‘Man did not weave the web of life – he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.’ Pannell then proceeds to open the door to the thinking of Jonathan Harrison in her thoughts: ‘Naked Being holds the promise and the power to re-create our planet, making pollution, illness; terrorism, greed, and inequality disappear. It holds the possibility of healing the past, making gold from all the ‘stories’ we have spun into a million reasons to struggle, strive, endure, and suffer in pain. It holds all possibility for celebrating our children! Now is the time! We hold within our hearts all the creational power of the Universe.’

And with this informed introduction, Harrison uses a clear, focused manner in sharing his gradually developing thoughts. Uniquely he offers his thoughts on love, on death, on suffering, meditation, on the mind and more in 450 separated modules or parcels of wisdom, a technique that almost demands that the reader pause with each new thought, absorb it entirely and then move on to the next process of self-realization. ‘Your True Nature can be considered ‘Naked’ – because it is the bare essence of what you are, and ‘Being’ – because it is unblemished existence.’

Reading this book is more of an experience for opening our previously sequestered minds to the possibilities of finding true peace and happiness in being at one with every atom of the Universe. This is not another ‘self help’ book. This is an invitation to an internalized map of being. And Jonathan is a generous and loving guide.

Grady Harp