Thursday, December 24, 2015


What YOU are is Spirit.
Who You are is a Soul.
Awakening is a maturation, an on-going process of ripening occurring as the living presence of the Soul begins to solidify within the foreground of human consciousness. 
For the Soul to surface, to reclaim it's natural place of residence, the individual identity and the Universal non-identity must ripen and fall way, allowing the Unividual nature of the Soul to appear.
You are always awakening ‘to’ your Soul because your Soul is ever-present and Life is eternal and infinite. 
There is no ending, as there was no beginning. 
The idea ‘I am awakened’ is an individual projection, and as the idea of any achieved ‘finality’ is a mind-based and time-based assumption, it can only reflect a part-truth at best. 
To believe or suggest one is ‘awakened’ is most likely an ego-based desire drawn from a need to be seen and recognised as such. 
The Soul doesn't want to be or have, it just IS. 
Claims of distinction, separation and heartless anonymity are alien to the consciousness of the Soul, which knows itself to be simultaneously unique and Universal. 
Each and every Soul is here on planet Earth to live it's awakening. 
From the grounding of the anonymous Non-dual experience, consciousness becomes integrated and balanced, so that individuality and universality converge, becoming One. 
This is One-duality where the Soul exists beyond and within.
Here, there and everywhere. 
Of this world ~ and not of this world. 
Both and neither. 
One and the other. 
The Soul, the truth of who You are, is the key to authentic transformation, and the catalyst for individual, societal and global Change. 
Let your Soul shine in 2016, it's the greatest gift you can share in the world, with the world and for the world.

JH ~ Christmas Eve 2015

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


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Monday, December 21, 2015

New review for YOU are THIS - from author Jeff Maziarek on

Dec 19, 2015 5 star review: 

Excellent book for experienced spiritual seekers.
From an overall viewpoint this is a well-written work that provides valuable insights for readers who have a keen interest in spirituality and the concept of enlightenment. The author is clearly an expert regarding this subject matter, and in my view qualifies as a modern day mystic. It is important to note that the content in this work is very deep and intense as well, and as such from my perspective this is not a book for those who are just embarking on a path of spiritual growth. It can, however, be of great value for individuals who have walked such a path for years and are comfortable with metaphysical concepts. I really liked this work, and look forward to reading other books by this author.
~ Jeff Maziarek - author of Codi's Journey

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Monday, December 14, 2015

YOU are a KEY to Authentic ACTION

"You are a Spiritual Activist, a Universal Warrior, for You are willing, open and available to the possibilities of Change and Action so that a safe world and a new humanity can emerge. It is the Unividual Soul, conscious of the Divine Reality, who, with the help and support of fellow Souls, facilitates THIS without needing to plan or specify an outcome. Trusting and allowing THIS to emerge from the depths of consciousness permits a natural unified solidarity, a synergy of Wholeness which has the potential to transcend the density of beliefs and patterns which previously held us back."

© J.M. Harrison YOU are THIS: Awakening to the Living Presence of Your Soul (MANTRA – Jan 29th - 2016).

Thursday, December 10, 2015

What's THIS all about?

"THIS is the recognition that beneficial, lasting and Authentic Change for the Whole is brought about through embodying the impulse of our essential Oneness. It will not happen overnight. Change and Action will first take place as an escalating individual to Unividual metamorphosis before it becomes the expanded worldview consciousness. There is not a specific time or event which will make THIS obvious. The old will fall away as the new comes in. Indeed it is already taking place. And You have a role to play in THIS. Not as a mego, not as a nobody, but as a Soul walking the Earth. If you can learn to be and express the truth of your Soul, how you will be living and what You will be doing will bring joy and fulfilment to the Whole. In THIS way we can explore the potentials of Consciousness, evolving a new worldview rooted in Love and Peace rather than continuing an animalistic global culture of greed, selfishness, war and fear."
© J.M. Harrison YOU are THIS: Awakening to the Living Presence of Your Soul (MANTRA – Jan 29th2016).

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


“This is not another `self-help' book. This is an invitation to an internalized map of being. And Jonathan is a generous and loving guide.”  

Grady Harp – Hall Of Fame & Amazon Top 100 Reviewer - December ‘15


"The seeing or recognition of the Universal may bring about the end of seeking, but it is not the end of THIS. There is no beginning and no end to THIS ever-present, ever-growing and ever-expanding human consciousness. Even the Universe itself is expanding as these words are being written. For the vast majority of the world’s population, the knowing that YOU are Awareness is a stepping stone to the next paradigm in human consciousness. The seeing of what-YOU-really-are is the catalyst allowing Awareness to appear in the world as You."  ©J.M. Harrison YOU are THIS: Awakening to the Living Presence of Your Soul (MANTRA – Jan 29th2016). 

Monday, December 7, 2015


"If what you are lacking and trying to find is pointed to or described as being That, then it suggests you are presently separated from what you seek. You will be separate from it if you are seeking for it, because you have identified with the idea that it is not here. But you can never be divided from what you are trying to find, because what-YOU-really-are is the ever-present, all-inclusive THIS. A fractured or individual consciousness is the only obstacle to THIS. It is only the mind’s patterning which proposes something is missing, and the way forward is hard and complicated. THIS is simple and effortless. It is what-YOU-really-are without trying to be, for it is our essential Being."
©J.M. Harrison YOU are THIS: Awakening to the Living Presence of Your Soul (MANTRA – Jan 29th 2016). 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

YOU are THIS - quotes to make you not think!

‘Your Soul is your Soul. It is not mine, and yet they consciously share the One undeniable essence. They are family. They are simultaneously separate yet inseparable. They are integral and unique. They are not one and the same - but two and the same! A Soul is beyond ideas or logic. Like the atom, it is both dual and Non-dual, for it arises from the recognition and convergence of the two from the One. In Soulness, you live duality and non-duality as interdependent and complimentary, without attachment or preference. The Universal-Individual or Unividual is conscious that it is a part and a Whole, or a Whole-part. THIS is the homogenised truth of One-duality, and the natural emergence of the consciousness of the Soul.’

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


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