Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New endorsement - Jeff Maziarek

“Naked Being” is an insightful spiritual growth book with thought-provoking content that is both inspirational and compelling. In this ground-breaking work, J.M. Harrison uniquely shares timeless spiritual wisdom in an easy-to-read format consisting of 450 brief passages that are meaningful either as standalone quotes, or as elements of a unified message of wholeness. Anyone who considers themselves on the path of self-discovery will benefit by reading these truly profound words.” - Jeff Maziarek, author of “Spirituality Simplified”

Sunday, January 17, 2010


The experiencing of the ego by the Self is the human predicament and not the other way around - for you can never not be the Self. YOU are the enlightened awareness reading these words. The One True Self is always here - and can never not be.

When identity is reversed, that is shifted from the Mego to Self and firmly grounded in the awareneness of the Self, then you continue to recognise the existence of the body-persona, but know it is not your primary identity. Your primary identity is awareness. Unchanging and always here.

To know you are the Self does not mean that there is no 'me' in your personal life. You can still say 'me' and continue to refer to oneself as 'I'. It is simply that the egoic 'me' or 'I' no longer dictates your thoughts and actions, for you know that YOU ARE THE SELF.

The awareness YOU are, the ever-present YOU underlies all arising ideas of identity. It underlies the ego, body, mind and intellect which are all dualistic notions and tendencies. The real YOU is non-dual awareness which is unconfined, transpersonal, complete and yet limitless.

In NAKED BEING I brought forward the concept of a Tridentity. This consists of 1) what we APPEAR to be 2) what we THINK we are and 3) the non-physical REAL-ity which WE ARE. For despite what we look like or might think, it is impossible for us to be anything other than the Self - as there is nothing without or 'other' than Self.

As the title suggests, NAKED BEING is all about undressing the mind, removing the patterns and contents which obstruct us from knowing the truth of what we are. That what we discover from that experiencing will undoubtedly transform our lives in a positive manner. By seeing through this process with honesty and a relentless onward movement towards Truth, there can be only one conclusion for everyone; I am the unborn, undying One True Self.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Only the habitual mind of ego looks outside of itself, believing there are other opportunities, other things, other selves to find. This 'me' obsessed Ego or Mego dredges up past memories and their associated patterns, and speculates whether the speculated future is going to be good or bad. The reality is such that the future cannot be absolutely discerned as being this or that, and so doubt and fear arise. The fear of not knowing.

On the other hand, present moment awareness - the Self YOU are - is nowhere other than here and now. It is the aliveness from not knowing! It is the real in this very moment. The real is only ever found in this moment. So if you are not thinking about the past or the future and the mind is quiet and still, without commentary - then awareness is all that IS.

This stateless state is what YOU are - it is the Heart of all existence. In knowing that Self you will cease outward projections of the mind and be at peace in the world. You will be at peace with the entirety of existence because you'll realise that you are not "one with life" or "at one with everyone", but that YOU ARE EXISTENCE.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New endorsement - Chuck Hillig

'An exhilarating feast of nondual truths that will resonate with the core of “who-you-really-are.” Heart-felt wisdom for the ages. Highly recommended.' - Chuck Hillig, Author of Enlightenment for Beginners, Seeds for the Soul, Looking for God: Seeing the Whole in One, The Way IT Is, and The Magic King.


Self is not an individual, but transpersonal awareness, for it is the same in everyone. It is Naked Being, the One True Self.

The One True Self cannot be 'experienced'. It is what you already and always are. Therefore you are always experiencing the One True Self - whether you are aware of it or not. You cannot have an experience of what you already are - because it is ever-present and ongoing. It is the awareness of experiencing. Therefore getting to know the One True Self is a question of KNOWING what you are, not just having an experience of something separate or 'other' than you.

The only way to know the Truth of what you are is to recognise and remove all that you are not. This includes identification with altered or mystical states, awakenings and Oneness. For Oneness to be recognised it requires the presence of another. Somebody or something that senses THEY are at One WITH Life itself. This apparent expansion of consciousness (the Oneness 'experience')appears from the arrival of ego at the doors of egolessness. In reality this 'expansion' is an inner movement or involution towards uncovering the One True Self.

Beyond those doors is the direct conscious knowing of the One True Self. But you won't find any me there. There's no 'me' there to be found.


The essence of YOU is still, perfect transpersonal AWARENESS. From this clear unconfined limitlessness there is recognition of the patterns of the egoic mind arising in consciousness. These patterns are seen to be illusory states of being. They are simply not YOU. It is YOU [AWARENESS] which recognises them arising. YOU are not a body, an emotion, a belief, a persona or a state which comes and goes, appears or arises, but ever-present ever-lasting pure crystalline consciousness beyond the mind of ego.

To know [your] Self means freedom from the idea of 'me' and 'other'. When identity is directly realised to be Self, all experiences become acknowledged from the anonymity of Pure Awareness. Self can see the ego, yet the ego cannot be the Self. Knowing Self for what it is, means the absence of the egoic 'me' identity, or at least the clarity to see through it. With the continuing direct knowledge of this truth, in one timeless moment, the ego dissolves leaving Self [AWARENESS].

The Self YOU are is beyond change, only the 'I' you consider yourself to be alters. The 'I' is transient and unreal. YOU are the unchanging Self. Whatever happens YOU cannot be affected. Happiness, sadness, good times, bad times - these are not YOU but temporary appearances emerging before the light of pure consciousness. YOU on the otherhand are permanent, infinite and eternal. Knowing Self there is no preference or desire for any particular experience, because the desirer (the ego) is known to not be YOU. Likewise the experiences which arise are not YOU, they are simply stories appearing infront of THE AWARENESS YOU ARE.

The YOU unaffected by any experiences is the Self - and Self-knowledge that YOU are AWARENESS is the Truth Of Life.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New endorsement - Orva Schrock

'Naked Being is a wonderful book that deserves wide distribution and readership.I love the format of separate numbered verses. The individual verses are an excellent way to present such profound and timeless truths. It is a book of deep wisdom, a book of great seeds for contemplation. The ancient timeless wisdom of the ages is here brought to life in modern language accessible to any interested reader. Naked Being, the book, should take its place on the bookshelves and reading tables of many folks who love the power and the glory of the Non-dual literature blossoming in our time. As Consciousness itself is evolving and expanding throughout the hearts and minds of sincere truth seekers every where, here is potent fuel for that pure flame. I hope it is a great sales success story. The message is oh so right in this time of madness in the world where people are starving for food to feed their souls.
Here is a rich banquet.' - Orva Schrock - Author: 'Grandpas Notebooks: The Evolution of an Amish Soul'

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

NAKED BEING - the not me.

When the chattering mind falls away, what is found is 'no-mind' or unencumbered pure intellect. There is no longer any sense of ‘me’ – and no distinguishable ‘other’. The habitual mind of the ego has stopped its once incessant commentary and there is stillness, vibrant and alive in silence. Individual mind has given way to universal awareness, pure consciousness - and the old sense of ‘me' has completely gone.

Gone too are the mystical states and experiences which were once the comforter of the clinging illusory ego, which provided a sense of having to go somewhere ‘else’ and get something ‘other’. Now, in this moment, there is nowhere to go and nothing to get. There never was. This was always an undressing rather than an accumulation. A taking away rather than an adding on.

Now there is simply the flow of Life. Gone are all the imaginary and patterned layers of the ‘me’ existence. This simply IS - without needs, choice-less, holding on to nothing, utterly ordinary Naked Being.

Beyond any seeing, believing, witnessing you are THIS, within THIS and inseparable from THIS. THIS is all inclusive, anonymous and ever-present. Rather than the 'me' being the centre of the universe, there is no centre, no 'me' to bring up. The notion of 'me' is not the Heart of what you are. The Heart (being One) needs nothing, including the sense of identity. Only a separate entity requires an identity.

There are no others, no thats or its to compare with any ‘me’. Freedom just IS. This is beyond any concept, beyond any karma. Action arises in the flow of being. Dancing stillness, that’s all THIS is.


Within this silence, this stillness, all is perfect as it IS. There is no desire to change anything or to formulate an 'opinion', because there is no desirer.

There's nothing to work out, no individual mind personality required to have any experience, there is simply pure awareness without interruption, without separation, without duality. In this moment, there is only that which IS.

THIS is the reality of an undecided identity, the untouched ever-present awareness within which all arises.

Never not here.
Beyond the imaginary ego.
I am Self.
The invisible formless Heart that IS.