Sunday, January 17, 2010


The experiencing of the ego by the Self is the human predicament and not the other way around - for you can never not be the Self. YOU are the enlightened awareness reading these words. The One True Self is always here - and can never not be.

When identity is reversed, that is shifted from the Mego to Self and firmly grounded in the awareneness of the Self, then you continue to recognise the existence of the body-persona, but know it is not your primary identity. Your primary identity is awareness. Unchanging and always here.

To know you are the Self does not mean that there is no 'me' in your personal life. You can still say 'me' and continue to refer to oneself as 'I'. It is simply that the egoic 'me' or 'I' no longer dictates your thoughts and actions, for you know that YOU ARE THE SELF.

The awareness YOU are, the ever-present YOU underlies all arising ideas of identity. It underlies the ego, body, mind and intellect which are all dualistic notions and tendencies. The real YOU is non-dual awareness which is unconfined, transpersonal, complete and yet limitless.

In NAKED BEING I brought forward the concept of a Tridentity. This consists of 1) what we APPEAR to be 2) what we THINK we are and 3) the non-physical REAL-ity which WE ARE. For despite what we look like or might think, it is impossible for us to be anything other than the Self - as there is nothing without or 'other' than Self.

As the title suggests, NAKED BEING is all about undressing the mind, removing the patterns and contents which obstruct us from knowing the truth of what we are. That what we discover from that experiencing will undoubtedly transform our lives in a positive manner. By seeing through this process with honesty and a relentless onward movement towards Truth, there can be only one conclusion for everyone; I am the unborn, undying One True Self.

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