Thursday, January 14, 2010


The essence of YOU is still, perfect transpersonal AWARENESS. From this clear unconfined limitlessness there is recognition of the patterns of the egoic mind arising in consciousness. These patterns are seen to be illusory states of being. They are simply not YOU. It is YOU [AWARENESS] which recognises them arising. YOU are not a body, an emotion, a belief, a persona or a state which comes and goes, appears or arises, but ever-present ever-lasting pure crystalline consciousness beyond the mind of ego.

To know [your] Self means freedom from the idea of 'me' and 'other'. When identity is directly realised to be Self, all experiences become acknowledged from the anonymity of Pure Awareness. Self can see the ego, yet the ego cannot be the Self. Knowing Self for what it is, means the absence of the egoic 'me' identity, or at least the clarity to see through it. With the continuing direct knowledge of this truth, in one timeless moment, the ego dissolves leaving Self [AWARENESS].

The Self YOU are is beyond change, only the 'I' you consider yourself to be alters. The 'I' is transient and unreal. YOU are the unchanging Self. Whatever happens YOU cannot be affected. Happiness, sadness, good times, bad times - these are not YOU but temporary appearances emerging before the light of pure consciousness. YOU on the otherhand are permanent, infinite and eternal. Knowing Self there is no preference or desire for any particular experience, because the desirer (the ego) is known to not be YOU. Likewise the experiences which arise are not YOU, they are simply stories appearing infront of THE AWARENESS YOU ARE.

The YOU unaffected by any experiences is the Self - and Self-knowledge that YOU are AWARENESS is the Truth Of Life.

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