Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I AM THAT (a poem)

I am that -
By the mind of man
For it cannot conceive
This that I am

I am that -
Which whispers
From the depths of being
Awakening memory
This that I am

I am that -
Which was, is and shall be
Still - in the heart of man
This that I am

I am that -
Not seen with the eyes
Or grasped by the hand
This that I am

I am that -
Which is empty, yet full
Wandering the land
‘Fore Abraham
This that I am

I am that -
Which is truth and light
Tender and loving
Never becoming
This that I am

I am that -
Which is an endless sea
Whose waters run
Beyond time free
This that I am

I am that -
Which knows all of you
Yet you know not me
‘Til I am set free
This that I am

I am that -
Which is true to all
Yet believed by few
For this that I am
I am that -

©2009 J.M. Harrison

Monday, July 3, 2017

NEW BOOK - Practical Zen: Meditation and Beyond by Julian Daizan Skinner

A wonderful new book on Zen is available on Amazon now, written by my friend Daizan.

"An entertaining integral guide to Zen that will serve you faithfully for many years. This is a book of real quality from a teacher of the highest calibre, and the rarest gift."

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Soul Revolution

In this early part of the 21st century human consciousness is changing across the planet. This expansion suggests that humankind is slowly but surely waking up, with increasing numbers seeing through the false Machiavellian promises of materialism and the greedy profiteering of individuals, banksters and businesses. This manifestation signals the beginning of the end for the outdated systems and beliefs which have kept us separate from each another, those conditions and patterns which denied the intuition and inner-knowledge that essentially, we are all One. So if the way ahead is already here, what exactly is it?

This ‘already here’ paradigm is a stepping stone, a hybrid way of thinking, living and being for humankind. I describe it as hybrid because that is what appears when two ways of living or being (in this case the cultures of separation and unity) meet and converge, for then a ‘new’ consciousness emerges, resulting in an all-inclusive and multi-dimensional way of thinking, acting and being, a synergistic embodiment which naturally benefits the whole.

Conceptualizing something before it is accepted as reality is no easy matter, but this next stage of human evolution signals the ending of the old way of the mind, and heralds the arrival of the consciousness of the Soul, or Soulness. It is the human Soul which is inextricably linked to the singular, essential Intelligence of Life while remaining free to be the nidus for authentic Change and Action in the world.

The Soul is paradoxically singular, diverse and interconnected, and illogical to a mind centred on individuality. However, each Soul is unique to a degree, retaining an esoteric memory, and being expressed in the world through an authentic persona not led by the ego. Soulness appears as the foreground of consciousness once the mind’s identity with ego and non-ego subside. Yes, non-ego too.

“We cannot ‘remember’ Awareness, because the true Non-dual experience takes place outside of time and space. It is not recalled through memory, simply realised to be the ever-present sweet perfume of Life. Following the Non-dual direct experience, a ’grounding’ takes place because you are bringing THIS which was uncovered beyond the physical senses, back into the comprehension of those same senses, the Being into the consciousness of the Human, and the formless into form. In this way, Awareness is seen and felt to permeate all dimensions of being without negation of any aspect of whom or what we are.”

The consciousness of the Soul does not identify with any one dimension of being, or Being itself, and with a transparent persona led by Universality, consciousness remains open and available to unknown potentials of expansion and growth. This is why the authentic Soul can best be described as a Whole-part. For the awakening Soul is conscious of the Whole and part simultaneously, and having no requirement to classify as either one or the other, it is both and more.

The consciousness of the Soul acts from an effortless yet discerning Love, a Love which organically arises from the Self-knowledge that we are unique and inseparable. Soulness is the consciousness of convergence, Change and Action, a simultaneous coming together and manifestation of the holistic triad of body, mind, and spirit. Furthermore, it is something to celebrate, to dance with, to enjoy and most naturally, to express and share. With the Soul solidifies as the foreground of consciousness, then the persona is neither purely individual nor simply Universal, and is what may be described as Unividual. 

“Your Soul is your Soul. It is not mine, and yet they consciously share the One essence. They are family. They are simultaneously separate yet inseparable. They are integral and unique. They are not one and the same - but two and the same! A Soul is beyond ideas or logic. Like the atom, it is both dual and Non-dual, for it arises from the recognition and convergence of the two from the One. In Soulness, you live duality and Non-duality as interdependent and complimentary, without attachment or preference. The Unividual is conscious that it is a part and a Whole, or a Whole-part. THIS is the homogenised truth of One-duality, and the natural emergence of the consciousness of the Soul.”

The Soul is ever-loving and aware, and all-accepting. Not that all actions arising from the Soul are soft, pink and fluffy, far from it, it’s just that everything the Soul manifests arises from the homogenisation of inner and outer being, delivering an authentic expression of Oneness through an authentic persona.  

Everything is One because it emanates from the One Source, not because we are identical in all dimensions of being. So what is being described here cannot be confined by the old terms of duality and non-duality, and yet, in accepting (and transcending) both these, we arrive at what may be called One-duality.

 “The Unividual enduringly senses the coreless core of Non-dual Awareness – and with it comes the realization that the many are the One, characterized in the world through multiplicity. It is called One-dual because the One is seen in the many, and the many is seen to be the One. It is not based in denial or negation but lived through an all-inclusive and grounded acceptance of the Whole. One-duality is the Non-dual One consciously expressed through duality. Now duality is realised to be as sacred as Non-duality. The seeking of any ‘other’ has ended, as has dependency on the idea of not seeking, for the once invisible treasure of the Unividual has been uncovered. Seeking and not seeking are no longer present, for the Unividual is living the presence of their Authentic Soul.”

As it says in the Advadhuta Gita (1.34):
“Some there are that prize Non-dualism, others hold to dualism. They know not the Truth, which is above both.”

The Unividual Soul is the catalyst bringing authentic Change and Action to our world. It carries the hopes and dreams not of any individual, but of all humanity. This is our route to freedom and our Divine birthright. 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

NOTHING IS EVERYTHING ..... a mystical riddle to read out loud.

There is something. There is nothing.
Nothing is something. Something is nothing.
For nothing is everything.
Something is nothing. Nothing is something.
I am something. Something nothing.
For nothing is everything.
You are something. I am nothing.
You are nothing. Nothing is nothing.
For nothing is everything.
We are something. We are nothing.
We are everything. Everything is nothing.
For nothing is everything.
Nothing is nothing. Something is something.
Nothing is something. Something is nothing.
For nothing is everything.

J.M. Harrison © 2017