Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Our ways of thinking, speaking and acting are outdated and nigh on defunct. They will not solve the current personal, societal and global dilemmas we have created through the misuse of the mind. Our desire to have more and to be more than another, are the destructive apparatus of the old way of human consciousness.
We need to change, and that change will not come about by forcing opinions on others, but by self-revelation, that is to say the realization of self-knowledge.
Self-knowledge is not an ego based journey, but more a shedding of the confusion surrounding our human identities, allowing us to see clearly the totality of who and what we are. At the root of all being, we are one, and yet, on the outer layers this essential truth is hidden by our obvious differences.
The answer then, is not to ignore our differences, nor to cling to the ideals of our universal oneness, but to embrace the entirety of the animal and spiritual beings we all are. We are evolving animals, and yet we may be conscious of the one universal intelligence or spirit which binds us together, and is our essence.
In order to do this, we must choose to alter the manner in which we think. That alone will establish a leap in human consciousness which will feed positive action and change on a global scale. It is not the conditioned human mind which will feed such a monumental transition, but a new way of thinking and acting, a consciousness which may be called the wholistic mind.
This somewhat paradoxical new consciousness is a conglomeration of parts, directly reflecting the earthly human experience of body, mind and spirit. It is no longer enough to depend on the psyche of the body-mind alone, neither is it helpful to absolutely identify with our spiritual nature.
You are a human. You have a body. You have a mind. You are spirit.
The present leap in consciousness means living without negation of any of these sacred ‘parts’ which together establish our wholeness. And what is it within each of us which realizes this? It is the human soul, the true forgotten principle of life, feeling, thought and action in human beings.
The authentic soul is neither individual nor universal, for it is unividual.
It is neither a part nor the whole, simply a whole-part.
There was a time in our history when we thought we were bodies, and our actions directly reflected that belief. There was also a time when we considered the individual human mind to be the ultimate power. What we have learned from history is that living without the awareness of our spirit, destructive animalistic tendencies of addiction, materialism and greed regularly resurface, slowing our evolution.
You will make a difference by living in wholeness, for it is the manifestation of being, the outpouring of strength and the evidence of divine humility.

Evolution is no longer inevitable, but a choice - and today, that choice is yours.