Thursday, November 14, 2013

Within the wholeness of the self – there is no longer the notion of higher and lower, ego and non-ego, for all ‘selves’ converge into the one being. The whole is recognised, realised and actualised. That holistic sense of being transcends both the individual and universal expectations of the mind. There is an expanded undeniable sense of both individuality and universality, a realisation which cannot survive within the old framework of the mind. The new way of the ‘mind’ allows for the transient freedom to be the sum of all parts from the depths of who-we-really-are. A person awake to the consciousness of Whole Being cannot categorically say “I am not the body” and neither can they say “I am the body” yet both statements may be seen to be fundamentally true. The wave is in the ocean as the ocean is in the wave. This may seem that Whole Being is somewhat confused, but nothing could be further from the truth. In Whole Being it would be true to say “I am the body and I am not the body” for from the apparently ‘opposing’ poles of matter and Spirit, each of these statements is relatively true. But what is it that sees the Body-Spirit relationship and does not identify with one of these poles? It is the long lost Soul, the pure and holistic sense of being in humankind, which transcends the limitations of duality and Non-duality. The Soul is Whole. Soul knows its dual reality and its Non-dual reality. Soul knows it is Divine, while simultaneously realising it is not ‘the’ Divinity. Soul knows it is free because it is not held by the poles of the mind. As ego sees ego, so does Soul see Soul.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Secret to Life : Being a Tree

It is human nature to grow; not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. What often happens is that specific patterns and memories remain unresolved in our computer-like brains, and this 'stuff' prevents us 'being in the flow'.

Remember how to be a tree. Look at how the tree works in alignment with nature and embodies that universal energy. It sheds what it needs in order to grow. If it didn't shed, it wouldn't grow. It has shed so much and continues to do so - - as it continues to grow. If we were to follow the example of the oak tree, we would all be free. We would not get caught up in the old doubting human mind of  'should and shouldn't' but simply be guided by and reflect the Intelligence of Life itself. If we were all to do that, then life on Earth would change. It would become powerfully simplified.

After all, what do we really need? Of course there are the basic physiological needs such as food and water, shelter and warmth - but what else do we really need? To grow we need to feel secure and safe, and to interact and exchange thoughts and feelings with family and friends. Then we need to feel a sense of fulfilment in our role, our occupation or our daily tasks. I wonder how many feel this?

But beyond all this, as human beings we have a drive, a need to recognise, realise and actualise our real selves. This is not about ego or non-ego. It is beyond both. It is about uncovering and re-connecting with the essential Love we all are. If we do that, we will all become happy, creative, fulfilled and loving beings.

In the next stage in the global evolution of human consciousness, the approaching dimension is the Soul. It is not the ego and neither is it non-ego. Soul is a hybrid of the two which sees and acts from both. It is individual and Universal, so I call it UNIVIDUAL. In this consciousness we learn to use the non-physical senses and expand into other dimensions, feeling, sensing and utilising energy and essential Love. To be able to do this, we need to clear our old habits, patterns and addictions, because these simply become obstructions, creating doubts and confusion.

Re-connecting with the Soul will initially feel like using a new piece of equipment. In truth, we have overlooked our inner being for so long, it has become camouflaged by layers and patterns. When we do re-connect, we start thinking from deep within and not solely in our brains. This means feeling, sensing and acting from the Divine Loving Heart of who we are. This works because it is organically connected to the individual and the whole. Then the unusual becomes the norm and life takes on a whole new meaning.

So if you're ready to grow, then be honest and open with your life, do your inner work - and Be your Soul.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


We spend our entire lives (and perhaps many of them) trying to get back home. The bizarre reality is that home is in you now, always and forever. Home is not elsewhere or in another (although it can feel that way at times). The freedom of knowing and being who you really are (in the deepest sense) is the realisation of home.

When you look at nature, you can see that beauty all around AND within you. When you look at people, you can see the beautiful in you is also in everyone. When you have touched this beauty inside long enough to no longer doubt its presence, your mind is no longer driven to rationalise if it exists ---- because it's just there. It just is. You can sense it, feel it, and may become full or fulfilled by the awareness of it.

That home and sense of real connection is what I call the Soul. It is the Universal Individual or UNIVIDUAL which is the next deepening of consciousness for humankind. It is a wonderful adventure and an illogical mystery that everyone may realise.

Only your Soul is Whole. Only your Soul really knows. It doesn't know in the way of the rational mind, but if communication comes from the Soul, then it may be translated via the rational mind to varying degrees. In the consciousness of the Soul (SOULNESS) - all is included and accepted. This is the only way to Freedom. If we accept all our experiences, then, in time, only the Real remains.

The Soul can see your weaknesses and strengths, the Soul can recognise all planes of consciousness, because it connects and senses all the way from the Ego to the Divine. The old way of the mind would seek to identify with one area alone (such as Ego and Ego-less or Duality and Non-Duality) - but the Soul is free to move, free to experience any and all dimensions of human beingness.

If you listen to your Soul everyday, you will recognise its wisdom, and it will come closer and closer to you, until one day you will not be able to find the Soul because it will be known to be YOU.  The idea of self and Self will dissolve and you will be living in harmony with Universal Intelligence. This means you will be acting for the whole. Rather like a tree is being a tree, or a flower is being a flower, --- you will be being YOU.


When you don't know how to resolve a problem in your life, then there is a way, a practice you can use to help. When a problem is new to you (one you have never experienced before) - and you are unable to get clarity, then try the following;
  • Let go of the idea that you control the outcome
  • Surrender to the Intelligent Love of the Universe
  • And remember ... Love resolves any problem 
Universal Intelligence is intelligence beyond (and inclusive of) individuality. Human Intelligence as we know it is only a tiny fraction of Universal Intelligence. So intelligence is only limited by how separate we perceive ourselves to be. 

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Surrendering to the reality of what is present allows you to grow. If things are difficult or not as you want or would like, then the act of surrendering to 'what is' allows you to acknowledge this truth. However, the opportunity to surrender does not only occur in painful scenarios. When life feels really fantastic and great, then surrender to what is present - - - and embrace and celebrate the moment. Getting real with ourselves in this way is the path to freedom, because the action of surrendering allows you to be your Soul.

Accepting our inner thoughts, feelings, emotions and senses is an Intelligent Action which results in movement towards the mind-space of the Soul. The consciousness of the Soul does not ignore any part of the whole you are. The Soul retains no fixed identification with mind, body or Spirit, and that's why it is able to communicate and connect all parts of our being.

Your Soul does not have a cunning plan or need to sell an idea to you. The presence of Soul consciousness is complete and whole, and when allowed to shine through, will immediately and lovingly share what is required in any given moment. This is not so for the mind of ego, which will always be dominated by an animalistic, fearful and selfish core, for it is consciousness that is restricted to a sense of individuality. Soul on the other hand is liberated human consciousness which moves freely and naturally between the individual and the Universal.

When you are Present, you are Soul.


Your Soul is looking through your eyes at this moment. 
And you can know that with or without meditating.
When you know that, an overwhelming harmony and fullness is present in your consciousness. That's because you are touching the mind-space beyond ego called the Soul.
The Soul is the next step in the evolution of mankind.
It is the self-acceptance of you in whole without separation from any part.
And it is the way you can share the truth of who you are - - - and who we all are.
Open your Soul to the world and your eyes will shine an intelligent light.
You are beautiful.
Be the change. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Golden Secret U Carry

Inner work requires courage, strength and dedication. Being honest and open, accepting, surrendering, embracing our whole being, loving and letting go; these are all ways to support the shedding of our 'stuff', allowing us to experience life in the most rewarding way.

The wholeness and sense of home we seek is present in us NOW. Indeed, there is never a moment when it's not. That's because what we are looking for is not somewhere else or in someone else, but present in each one of us.

This is something we can know. I don't mean knowing as in memory and concepts, but an undeniable knowingness which sweeps over you, an infinite wave of unstoppable love in which the old way of the mind is overwhelmed.

When I had a seizure several years ago, I fell to the floor and my individual mind separated from my body. I was able to clearly see that my body was a temporary vehicle allowing me to lead an earthly incarnation.

Secondly, as the individual mind of ego dropped away, I realised it was also only temporary.

Behind the body and the individual mind was a third and deeper state of being, which was individual and independent yet completely 'full' and at home. It was this deeper part of me that was full of love and overwhelmingly beautiful and peaceful. In an instant I knew that this presence was not only within me, but within everybody else too. This was the dimension of the Soul. Once you glimpse the Soul you realise a holistic connection between the body, mind and Spirit (Essence).

The ego seeks Essence, but cannot consciously exist with it. On the other hand, the Soul senses Essence, for it realises an abiding connection. Soul also sees the ego, and recognises it's arrival and departure. The Soul remains loving, allowing and observing.

It is also possible for us to dissolve into a SILENT Non-Dual state wherein the 'I' disappears and one merges with Essence. This is the direct experience of clear seeing. In this state there is only THIS. There is no separation, no individuality, no 'other'. Nothing to say, nothing to do and no human interaction required. THIS is the essence of us all.

But we are here on Earth to learn from the WHOLE human experience. In human beings, the Soul is the way in which the whole manifests and acts in the world. So Divine Wealth (our real treasure) is found when we think, speak and act in harmony with the Soul, because that action arises from a constant strength, equality, love and wholeness.

The real treasure in Life is YOU.


The experiences we have on Earth are all windows of opportunity from which we may learn. We receive all we need in order to grow. We are all here to learn and grow. No human being is ever fully grown, or they would not be here in their present form. 

If we choose to listen and learn from our life lessons, then we will grow. If we ignore or put off what is in in alignment with the Soul, we will get caught in cycles of suffering and may well begin to identify with them. Then the lesson will have to be faced once more in a different and more challenging way. So it's our choice. No one can do the Work but YOU. 

Human consciousness is rapidly expanding. Our dependency on a limited understanding of the senses and the worldview of what we understood to be reality are now realised to only be a partial truth. There is a vital sense of intuition, insight and knowingness which we can all experience, an inherent gift we increasingly  glimpse when we have established  more space in our consciousness. That is to say when we have cleared away sufficient patterns, addictions and conditions in our minds, then more light can shine into the world. 

Pure Mind Energy Consciousness is ever-present and Universal. The mind of the ego is a limited version of Universal Mind because it is understood to be confined to the body. 

The hybrid mind of the Soul is both individual and Universal because it is aware of the part and the Whole without seeking to absolutely identify with one or the other. This is why the Soul is truly free. You only have to be yourself. 

So you know what you need to do. If you allow and surrender to Soulness,  a deep lasting beauty will be expressed through you, and your life will radically alter for the better. You will no longer hold on to the outdated ways of the ego mind, but will emerge from that separateness into a new world of hope and love. This is what we need, and you can help. 

Just be YOU.

BE your Soul. 

BABYLON - a poem


This world means little to me
For I have seen Babylon
In the midst of another beautiful day
Was my mind set free to the beyond

A collection of Souls living harmony's way
Nestled in the love of the One
I saw all this with my own two eyes
The day that I saw Babylon

Deep in the heart of miraculous joy
I wandered amidst the ineffable
Beloved children of eternity's way
Offspring of the unforgettable

Travelled afar the Sirian star
Awakening all to become
The light of the mind unveiled the Divine
The day that I saw Babylon

J.M.Harrison (c) 2007.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


If we cultivate the courage and honesty to continue working on ourselves, we may come to a point where all ideas and labels of self begin to merge. It's a real, gradual and lasting transition, and you are left in no doubt about it's authenticity, for it is intuited, felt, sensed and discerned to be true. What this means is that when the distinction of higher and lower self begin to dissolve, the whole you begins to manifest. That whole you is the individual / universal 'hybrid' consciousness I call the Soul. It is the convergence of ego and essence. It is physical and non-physical. It is logical, discerning, intuitive, Divine; yes all these things. 

In Soulness, nothing is destroyed or killed off, because all that you are is accepted. The old sense of ego (that is absolute identification with an individual 'me') fades, but individuality continues, now merging with a deep sense of Oneness. It is an expanded homogenisation of consciousness rather than an emptying or purging of individuality. 

If we begin to truly accept all that we are, our tendencies and addictions also begin to fade. Choices of how to act which were once individual or societal based, now become intergrated with the whole. This is because the closer individual consciousness converges with the Soul, the more we think, speak and act holistically. The closer we merge with the Soul, the need to compare, evaluate or seek also dissolve. As this change becomes solidified, you are becoming One with all aspects and states of being a human. This is a natural process; the dropping away of the old mind of ego and the appearance of the new dimension of Soulness. 

The Soul has individual personality, expression and gifts, but does not absolutely or definitively identify with them as coming from or belonging to itself. There is no need. Its nature is to share. An unconditional act of loving kindness is an act from the Soul. 

We all have an opportunity to gradually realise a state of congruence with the Soul. It's not an idea or a belief, but a natural embodiment freely available to everyone.

The voice of the Soul is intuition, and its language is Love.

Friday, March 15, 2013


We can really learn who we are by letting go of who we think we are. In this way we can remain free from identifying with an idea or concept. For example, let's take the concept "I am this body". When I understand this, and no longer cling the idea that this is the absolute answer, I see that this idea is true when proposed within the physical dimension.

If I take an alternative view "I am not the body" then this appears true when proposed from the non-physical dimension. If I let go of both ideas or experiences, then I am free to experience any other possibility. Perhaps it could be that neither statement is true, or that both are true yet incomplete.

When we let go of all identities, then a new gap or space in consciousness appears. That is what I call the consciousness of the Soul, or Soulness. The Soul sees both the physical and non-physical as being parts of a greater whole. It is no longer seeking to find an identity because it is in open relationship and living communication with all elements and states of being of the human experience.That is why it can be described as the Holistic Mind of the Soul.

If we let go, the answer will appear. If you want to know yourself deeply, consciously and wholely, then you have nothing to remember at all.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Truth is not found in one part of a story. It cannot be.

Truth can be hard to accept. Yet it is what it is, without personal bias or manipulation, for it remains true beyond individual emotions and opinions.

Facing Truth enables us to expand and grow as individuals and as a whole. Real Truth is not a thought, but an undeniable intuited feeling from the depths of being. When this knowingness is not in line with what we'd like to happen or how we'd like things to be, then it may not be easy to accept. And yet the Truth remains as it is. We can ignore it or bury it in the depths of consciousness, but it will always be there. In fact it is always HERE, but we use our minds to camouflage this Truth. But if we are aligned with our essential Nature, then action arises from the stream of consciousness that is the Truth of Life.

Truth is not to be believed, but to be lived.

Likewise, the Truth of who you are is not found in any one part, but in the whole.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

THIS - a poem


If I could give you anything,
It would be ... This.
This instance, This feeling, This reality.
For This is all we are.

I would give you myself,
And in giving myself,
You would recognise your own Self,
Which is one and the same.

If I could show you True Love,
I would not give you a kiss,
But would bare you my Soul,
Share it with you.

And if I could do one thing more,
Before I leave this place,
I would give you my all,
I would give you ... This.

(c) 2007 J.M.Harrison

The Holistic Mind of the Soul

We are multi-dimensional beings. That is to say we are able to experience or merge with many dimensions or plateaus of consciousness, from ego to Universal. But if we are to continue living on this beautiful Earth, there is an urgent and necessary transition for us all to take part in. We must discover and evolve ways of being, living and doing so that we may regain our sanity and security. Only in this way will human beings continue to live on this Earth.

What we need is not something new. It is, and was always freely available in any moment. So freely available it became overlooked. And what is it we need?

It is the free flowing consciousness within each human being which touches the extremes of perception without becoming identified with them. For each one of us, it is possible to strike a healthy and harmonious balance between the dual and non-dual realities, a holistic body-brain-mind-spirit consciousness which has no need to identify with any one or specific part of who and what we are. I call this the Holistic Mind because in this consciousness it is possible to glimpse and utilise all facets of our being. It is in some sense ‘whole’ because it does not deny any part of who and what we are. Nevertheless it is free to continue growing without label and confinement. It is accepting, unconfined, and free to Be.

We are here with the potential to recognise ourselves in all our truth. To know all that we are so that we may realise all we may become. We are bodies, brains, minds and Spirit. But what knows this? The Soul.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


It is 2013. It is time. Time to shine your light. Time for you to be.
You are a beautiful being with an incredible secret. 
A secret so powerful it can change the world.
That secret has been waiting for you, yes waiting for you to remember the truth of who you are.
So that you could recognise, realise and actualise your Divine Wealth.
To sense in surety that you are a multi-dimensional being of infinite potential.
That Love is your truest language.
And Heart is your noblest mind.
When you look back and realise everything that passed before was a blessing, and all that is to come is necessary for your learning, you will have entered the consciousness of the Soul.
That time is now.
Today we are witnessing a new dawn for humanity.
A time of hope and change.
Let go of fear, for it has no place here. 
Breathe and embrace the sacred sense within.
For there you will find the peace and love all people seek.
Be free. It is your birthright, your nature and your responsibility.
When you are free, you cannot but help others to be free.
That's how wonderfully kind and loving you are.
So your secret is out.
Souls are awakening to this world.
And this world is awakening to Soul.
It is time to speak and act from Love and Truth.
So new life will come to be in one and all. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Like any question, this can be answered in many ways, but this is what I sense;
  • Real Love transcends the mind of ego, for it is so inexplicably deep, so mysteriously infinite, it does not belong to one person, for it is the emerging Heart of All. 
  • Real Love then is not a verb (as in to love) but the essential sense of Being all people share.
  • Real Love is ever-present, within and without.
  • Real Love is glimpsed when mind is not restricted to the ego.
  • Real Love is the emerging holistic nature of the Soul, so if we know ourselves and are conscious of that… then the Divine flows and shines through us.
  • The presence of Real Love means you are sharing the Truth of who you really are.
  • Real Love is the Intelligence and mode of communication for the subtle Holistic Mind of the Soul. 
  • Real Love is found abiding in permanence before words and thoughts enter the mind.
  • Real Love is the hardest, most challenging, most courageous road a human can choose

Friday, March 8, 2013


We need to change. Take this personally because it is likely to be true. Here’s the thing. Most human beings think, speak and act from a consensual consciousness that is flawed. It is flawed because it is the consciousness of the ego, and it is outdated, for any such way of thinking is disconnected from the whole story.

BUT ..... here’s the good news! We can change our perception and in doing so, act from and for the whole. How can we do this? Simply by being who we really are, who you really are.

Human consciousness is evolving out of the outdated animal mind of fear and into the loving mind of the Soul. Soul consciousness (Soulness) is a choice. To not choose the love of the Soul in the coming years will mean an end to life on Earth as we know it. So what do you choose? The time has come to look deeply at your addictions. Most of us are addicted to the idea of a separate ‘me’ and the accompanying opinions, desires and repeating patterns. This is an incomplete view of the cosmic reality. The separately identified ‘me’ has had its day. It is passé, on the way out. There is a deeper more meaningful identity in us all that suggests rather than orders, for it is a caring, loving, sharing energy, the energy of the Soul. It doesn’t speak in complex riddles or conflicting opinion, but in love, from love, for love.

When we are truly present, this is the manifested energy of the Soul. The next step for human beings is not simply to be present, but to act from that presence. Otherwise, like meditation, the idea of presence could remain an occasional safe harbour for our consciousness.

The 21st century is a wonderful time to be here on Earth. We really are the change we seek. That transformative power is deep in the heart of each one of us. It is the power of the Soul, and it is your gift to the world.


We may spend years seeking to understand the source of who we are, only to eventually find that essential core is the same in all beings, all things, all non-things. Then a natural re-harmonisation occurs. Through this organic universal process, each human being may naturally realise the ability to utilise the many dimensions of consciousness without permanently clinging to any particular state or condition. One is essentially free to be who you really are in all its wonder and mystery. This is the realm of the Soul, the frequency of multi-dimensional being, the next stage in the human evolution of consciousness. It is neither duality nor non-duality, but within and beyond them both. We could call it One-duality.

The Age of the Soul

Some believe and experience that the individual mind is who we are. Others experience themselves to be connected to all things, that there is one essential consciousness from which all life appears. I suggest that in order for humankind to continue to evolve, both duality and non-duality need be recognised as ordinary experience. For in reality we are dual and non-dual beings, remarkable multidimensional creatures of the universe. Those experiencing life from duality alone fail to see the essential nature of consciousness. And those who realise non-duality, yet fail to appreciate the necessary dynamic role of separation and form, somehow miss the wider picture.

 Without duality, there would be no way home to love.

 It is possible to see duality and non-duality, to oversee both – without fixed identification with either. Of course these are simply words attempting to convey a way of being, but nevertheless, the experiencing of life from this perspective could be described as knowing one’s self in all ways, from the finite to the infinite, the ego to the non-ego, and this is what we may call Soul-ness or the state or condition of the soul. Soulness means that there is an on-going realisation (and at the same time letting go) of individual and cosmic consciousness. That consciousness is neither fixed nor needing to ‘belong’ anywhere in particular.

When we undertake this journey, we discover that what was proposed as real is in reality an illusion, but as we venture deeper, we see that the illusion we have unveiled is also an illusion, for it somehow denies another part of human experience necessarily present at this time in our evolution. We are beings of form and formlessness, for denying either leaves us somehow incomplete. We are here on Earth with the possibility to realise the coming together of our individuality and our universality without prejudice or bias, for by doing so we naturally and organically converge the sense of higher and lower selves. I use the word organically, because this momentum and growth is directly derived from the living presence and natural expansion of consciousness itself.

 This is the age of the Soul, and we are all in the process of becoming whole.