Saturday, May 4, 2013


We spend our entire lives (and perhaps many of them) trying to get back home. The bizarre reality is that home is in you now, always and forever. Home is not elsewhere or in another (although it can feel that way at times). The freedom of knowing and being who you really are (in the deepest sense) is the realisation of home.

When you look at nature, you can see that beauty all around AND within you. When you look at people, you can see the beautiful in you is also in everyone. When you have touched this beauty inside long enough to no longer doubt its presence, your mind is no longer driven to rationalise if it exists ---- because it's just there. It just is. You can sense it, feel it, and may become full or fulfilled by the awareness of it.

That home and sense of real connection is what I call the Soul. It is the Universal Individual or UNIVIDUAL which is the next deepening of consciousness for humankind. It is a wonderful adventure and an illogical mystery that everyone may realise.

Only your Soul is Whole. Only your Soul really knows. It doesn't know in the way of the rational mind, but if communication comes from the Soul, then it may be translated via the rational mind to varying degrees. In the consciousness of the Soul (SOULNESS) - all is included and accepted. This is the only way to Freedom. If we accept all our experiences, then, in time, only the Real remains.

The Soul can see your weaknesses and strengths, the Soul can recognise all planes of consciousness, because it connects and senses all the way from the Ego to the Divine. The old way of the mind would seek to identify with one area alone (such as Ego and Ego-less or Duality and Non-Duality) - but the Soul is free to move, free to experience any and all dimensions of human beingness.

If you listen to your Soul everyday, you will recognise its wisdom, and it will come closer and closer to you, until one day you will not be able to find the Soul because it will be known to be YOU.  The idea of self and Self will dissolve and you will be living in harmony with Universal Intelligence. This means you will be acting for the whole. Rather like a tree is being a tree, or a flower is being a flower, --- you will be being YOU.

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