Saturday, March 30, 2013


Surrendering to the reality of what is present allows you to grow. If things are difficult or not as you want or would like, then the act of surrendering to 'what is' allows you to acknowledge this truth. However, the opportunity to surrender does not only occur in painful scenarios. When life feels really fantastic and great, then surrender to what is present - - - and embrace and celebrate the moment. Getting real with ourselves in this way is the path to freedom, because the action of surrendering allows you to be your Soul.

Accepting our inner thoughts, feelings, emotions and senses is an Intelligent Action which results in movement towards the mind-space of the Soul. The consciousness of the Soul does not ignore any part of the whole you are. The Soul retains no fixed identification with mind, body or Spirit, and that's why it is able to communicate and connect all parts of our being.

Your Soul does not have a cunning plan or need to sell an idea to you. The presence of Soul consciousness is complete and whole, and when allowed to shine through, will immediately and lovingly share what is required in any given moment. This is not so for the mind of ego, which will always be dominated by an animalistic, fearful and selfish core, for it is consciousness that is restricted to a sense of individuality. Soul on the other hand is liberated human consciousness which moves freely and naturally between the individual and the Universal.

When you are Present, you are Soul.

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