Saturday, March 23, 2013


The experiences we have on Earth are all windows of opportunity from which we may learn. We receive all we need in order to grow. We are all here to learn and grow. No human being is ever fully grown, or they would not be here in their present form. 

If we choose to listen and learn from our life lessons, then we will grow. If we ignore or put off what is in in alignment with the Soul, we will get caught in cycles of suffering and may well begin to identify with them. Then the lesson will have to be faced once more in a different and more challenging way. So it's our choice. No one can do the Work but YOU. 

Human consciousness is rapidly expanding. Our dependency on a limited understanding of the senses and the worldview of what we understood to be reality are now realised to only be a partial truth. There is a vital sense of intuition, insight and knowingness which we can all experience, an inherent gift we increasingly  glimpse when we have established  more space in our consciousness. That is to say when we have cleared away sufficient patterns, addictions and conditions in our minds, then more light can shine into the world. 

Pure Mind Energy Consciousness is ever-present and Universal. The mind of the ego is a limited version of Universal Mind because it is understood to be confined to the body. 

The hybrid mind of the Soul is both individual and Universal because it is aware of the part and the Whole without seeking to absolutely identify with one or the other. This is why the Soul is truly free. You only have to be yourself. 

So you know what you need to do. If you allow and surrender to Soulness,  a deep lasting beauty will be expressed through you, and your life will radically alter for the better. You will no longer hold on to the outdated ways of the ego mind, but will emerge from that separateness into a new world of hope and love. This is what we need, and you can help. 

Just be YOU.

BE your Soul. 

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