Thursday, March 14, 2013


Truth is not found in one part of a story. It cannot be.

Truth can be hard to accept. Yet it is what it is, without personal bias or manipulation, for it remains true beyond individual emotions and opinions.

Facing Truth enables us to expand and grow as individuals and as a whole. Real Truth is not a thought, but an undeniable intuited feeling from the depths of being. When this knowingness is not in line with what we'd like to happen or how we'd like things to be, then it may not be easy to accept. And yet the Truth remains as it is. We can ignore it or bury it in the depths of consciousness, but it will always be there. In fact it is always HERE, but we use our minds to camouflage this Truth. But if we are aligned with our essential Nature, then action arises from the stream of consciousness that is the Truth of Life.

Truth is not to be believed, but to be lived.

Likewise, the Truth of who you are is not found in any one part, but in the whole.

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