Saturday, March 9, 2013


Like any question, this can be answered in many ways, but this is what I sense;
  • Real Love transcends the mind of ego, for it is so inexplicably deep, so mysteriously infinite, it does not belong to one person, for it is the emerging Heart of All. 
  • Real Love then is not a verb (as in to love) but the essential sense of Being all people share.
  • Real Love is ever-present, within and without.
  • Real Love is glimpsed when mind is not restricted to the ego.
  • Real Love is the emerging holistic nature of the Soul, so if we know ourselves and are conscious of that… then the Divine flows and shines through us.
  • The presence of Real Love means you are sharing the Truth of who you really are.
  • Real Love is the Intelligence and mode of communication for the subtle Holistic Mind of the Soul. 
  • Real Love is found abiding in permanence before words and thoughts enter the mind.
  • Real Love is the hardest, most challenging, most courageous road a human can choose

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