Sunday, March 10, 2013


It is 2013. It is time. Time to shine your light. Time for you to be.
You are a beautiful being with an incredible secret. 
A secret so powerful it can change the world.
That secret has been waiting for you, yes waiting for you to remember the truth of who you are.
So that you could recognise, realise and actualise your Divine Wealth.
To sense in surety that you are a multi-dimensional being of infinite potential.
That Love is your truest language.
And Heart is your noblest mind.
When you look back and realise everything that passed before was a blessing, and all that is to come is necessary for your learning, you will have entered the consciousness of the Soul.
That time is now.
Today we are witnessing a new dawn for humanity.
A time of hope and change.
Let go of fear, for it has no place here. 
Breathe and embrace the sacred sense within.
For there you will find the peace and love all people seek.
Be free. It is your birthright, your nature and your responsibility.
When you are free, you cannot but help others to be free.
That's how wonderfully kind and loving you are.
So your secret is out.
Souls are awakening to this world.
And this world is awakening to Soul.
It is time to speak and act from Love and Truth.
So new life will come to be in one and all. 

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