Thursday, November 14, 2013

Within the wholeness of the self – there is no longer the notion of higher and lower, ego and non-ego, for all ‘selves’ converge into the one being. The whole is recognised, realised and actualised. That holistic sense of being transcends both the individual and universal expectations of the mind. There is an expanded undeniable sense of both individuality and universality, a realisation which cannot survive within the old framework of the mind. The new way of the ‘mind’ allows for the transient freedom to be the sum of all parts from the depths of who-we-really-are. A person awake to the consciousness of Whole Being cannot categorically say “I am not the body” and neither can they say “I am the body” yet both statements may be seen to be fundamentally true. The wave is in the ocean as the ocean is in the wave. This may seem that Whole Being is somewhat confused, but nothing could be further from the truth. In Whole Being it would be true to say “I am the body and I am not the body” for from the apparently ‘opposing’ poles of matter and Spirit, each of these statements is relatively true. But what is it that sees the Body-Spirit relationship and does not identify with one of these poles? It is the long lost Soul, the pure and holistic sense of being in humankind, which transcends the limitations of duality and Non-duality. The Soul is Whole. Soul knows its dual reality and its Non-dual reality. Soul knows it is Divine, while simultaneously realising it is not ‘the’ Divinity. Soul knows it is free because it is not held by the poles of the mind. As ego sees ego, so does Soul see Soul.

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