Thursday, January 14, 2010


Self is not an individual, but transpersonal awareness, for it is the same in everyone. It is Naked Being, the One True Self.

The One True Self cannot be 'experienced'. It is what you already and always are. Therefore you are always experiencing the One True Self - whether you are aware of it or not. You cannot have an experience of what you already are - because it is ever-present and ongoing. It is the awareness of experiencing. Therefore getting to know the One True Self is a question of KNOWING what you are, not just having an experience of something separate or 'other' than you.

The only way to know the Truth of what you are is to recognise and remove all that you are not. This includes identification with altered or mystical states, awakenings and Oneness. For Oneness to be recognised it requires the presence of another. Somebody or something that senses THEY are at One WITH Life itself. This apparent expansion of consciousness (the Oneness 'experience')appears from the arrival of ego at the doors of egolessness. In reality this 'expansion' is an inner movement or involution towards uncovering the One True Self.

Beyond those doors is the direct conscious knowing of the One True Self. But you won't find any me there. There's no 'me' there to be found.

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