Friday, January 15, 2010


Only the habitual mind of ego looks outside of itself, believing there are other opportunities, other things, other selves to find. This 'me' obsessed Ego or Mego dredges up past memories and their associated patterns, and speculates whether the speculated future is going to be good or bad. The reality is such that the future cannot be absolutely discerned as being this or that, and so doubt and fear arise. The fear of not knowing.

On the other hand, present moment awareness - the Self YOU are - is nowhere other than here and now. It is the aliveness from not knowing! It is the real in this very moment. The real is only ever found in this moment. So if you are not thinking about the past or the future and the mind is quiet and still, without commentary - then awareness is all that IS.

This stateless state is what YOU are - it is the Heart of all existence. In knowing that Self you will cease outward projections of the mind and be at peace in the world. You will be at peace with the entirety of existence because you'll realise that you are not "one with life" or "at one with everyone", but that YOU ARE EXISTENCE.

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