Thursday, December 24, 2015


What YOU are is Spirit.
Who You are is a Soul.
Awakening is a maturation, an on-going process of ripening occurring as the living presence of the Soul begins to solidify within the foreground of human consciousness. 
For the Soul to surface, to reclaim it's natural place of residence, the individual identity and the Universal non-identity must ripen and fall way, allowing the Unividual nature of the Soul to appear.
You are always awakening ‘to’ your Soul because your Soul is ever-present and Life is eternal and infinite. 
There is no ending, as there was no beginning. 
The idea ‘I am awakened’ is an individual projection, and as the idea of any achieved ‘finality’ is a mind-based and time-based assumption, it can only reflect a part-truth at best. 
To believe or suggest one is ‘awakened’ is most likely an ego-based desire drawn from a need to be seen and recognised as such. 
The Soul doesn't want to be or have, it just IS. 
Claims of distinction, separation and heartless anonymity are alien to the consciousness of the Soul, which knows itself to be simultaneously unique and Universal. 
Each and every Soul is here on planet Earth to live it's awakening. 
From the grounding of the anonymous Non-dual experience, consciousness becomes integrated and balanced, so that individuality and universality converge, becoming One. 
This is One-duality where the Soul exists beyond and within.
Here, there and everywhere. 
Of this world ~ and not of this world. 
Both and neither. 
One and the other. 
The Soul, the truth of who You are, is the key to authentic transformation, and the catalyst for individual, societal and global Change. 
Let your Soul shine in 2016, it's the greatest gift you can share in the world, with the world and for the world.

JH ~ Christmas Eve 2015

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