Monday, January 18, 2016

Beyond the Non-duality trap

     We uncover the mind-blowing reality of pure Consciousness by emptying the mind of thoughts and emotions, ending the seemingly perpetual mental commentary, and allowing the mind to return to the abiding presence of stillness. In the radical truth of this dimension (Awareness) all sense of individuality dissolves, and we get to realize beyond the doubting mind that all really is One. More than that, in the depths of the non-dual realization there is no other, and other dimensions (body, mind, world) appear unreal and illusory.

However, the earthly human experience still goes on. It’s all very well realizing that everything is One, but in order to communicate this evolutionary and fundamental truth, it has to be shared. In order to accomplish this, duality comes back into play. The individual who experiences non-duality may sense they are not a body or a mind, but in terms of the earthly human experience this is an incomplete truth. The sense that ‘there is nothing to become’ or ‘no one here’ or that ‘we are all already enlightened’ denotes the individual has not yet fully grounded the non-dual experience. Although the non-dual realization is timeless, existing beyond the mind and eternal, paradoxically it takes time for us to come to terms with this life-changing experience. Time for it to sink in. Otherwise we may remain clinging to the stupor of Oneness, oblivious to the evolutionary potentials of human consciousness. 

‘We cannot ‘remember’ Awareness, because the true Non-dual experience takes place outside of time and space. It is not recalled through memory, simply realised to be the ever-present sweet perfume of Life. From the Non-dual 'Universal' experience a 'grounding' takes place because you are bringing THIS which was uncovered beyond the physical senses, back into the comprehension of those same senses, the Being into the consciousness of the Human, and the formless into form. In this way, Awareness is seen and felt to permeate all dimensions of being without negation of any aspect of who or what we are.’

When we are ready to let go of all these experiences, something else happens. They converge, and as they converge, a ‘new’ consciousness beyond dualism and non-dualism emerges, resulting in an all-inclusive and multi-dimensional way of thinking, acting and being, a fully flowing, synergistic embodiment which naturally benefits the whole. This is One-duality and the wholistic dimension of the Soul.

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