Saturday, December 5, 2015

YOU are THIS - quotes to make you not think!

‘Your Soul is your Soul. It is not mine, and yet they consciously share the One undeniable essence. They are family. They are simultaneously separate yet inseparable. They are integral and unique. They are not one and the same - but two and the same! A Soul is beyond ideas or logic. Like the atom, it is both dual and Non-dual, for it arises from the recognition and convergence of the two from the One. In Soulness, you live duality and non-duality as interdependent and complimentary, without attachment or preference. The Universal-Individual or Unividual is conscious that it is a part and a Whole, or a Whole-part. THIS is the homogenised truth of One-duality, and the natural emergence of the consciousness of the Soul.’

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