Thursday, December 10, 2015

What's THIS all about?

"THIS is the recognition that beneficial, lasting and Authentic Change for the Whole is brought about through embodying the impulse of our essential Oneness. It will not happen overnight. Change and Action will first take place as an escalating individual to Unividual metamorphosis before it becomes the expanded worldview consciousness. There is not a specific time or event which will make THIS obvious. The old will fall away as the new comes in. Indeed it is already taking place. And You have a role to play in THIS. Not as a mego, not as a nobody, but as a Soul walking the Earth. If you can learn to be and express the truth of your Soul, how you will be living and what You will be doing will bring joy and fulfilment to the Whole. In THIS way we can explore the potentials of Consciousness, evolving a new worldview rooted in Love and Peace rather than continuing an animalistic global culture of greed, selfishness, war and fear."
© J.M. Harrison YOU are THIS: Awakening to the Living Presence of Your Soul (MANTRA – Jan 29th2016).

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