Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New endorsement - Liz Hill

"As a writer interested in spiritual topics, my hat is off to any author who attempts at the outset of his book to define terms like true self, pure consciousness, and joy of being. But it makes so much sense to do that, before launching into a work that is meant to guide the reader into “naked being” or pure-minded nature. Harrison has chosen to guide us in small, logical, manageable bites, numbered from 1 to 450. Though short, they are meaty enough for reflection or discussion. After reading it end to end, you may want to keep this one on a bedside table to flip open before bedtime or upon awakening. If you are familiar with mystical or enlightenment teachings, the ideas expressed in this book won’t be “new” to you. But then, these ideas are as ancient as creation itself, and every attempt at bringing them into the world is to be applauded."

Liz Hill - (www.singingmeditation.com) co-author of 'Singing Meditation: Together in Sound & Silence'

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