Sunday, June 29, 2014


When I had a seizure and collapsed to the floor in 2007, I left my body. After the fear of dying subsided, I experienced a beauty and peace that was vital, interconnected, empowering, peaceful and loving. It took me a long time to get my head around what I had experienced; several years in fact. Eventually I came to the realisation that this was the experience of my Soul. This recognition remains with me today, and underlies my sacred and holistic perception of life.
I am writing these words to share with you, to share the Truth that each one of us has access to a profound, subtle, emerging universal intelligence. Shockingly we don’t really know it’s there until we sense, feel and understand it. However, it’s true to say that who you really are is an amazing and wonderful luminous being offering you a life of infinite possibilities.
You were born into this world with unique gifts and qualities, but each one of us has a Divine Birthright. It is your Divine Birthright;
·         To realise you are an empowered, creative being who has an integral relationship with all forms of Life. You are part of a greater whole.
·         To shine. Share your purpose, your gifts, talents and passions, for in doing so you will inspire others and shine a light into the world. 
·         It's really OK to be prosperous and abundant. The Universe is a place of abundance. The Sun does not switch its rays on and off, it simply shines life into the world.  
·         To live in your Joy. Peace is found when the personality converges with the Soul.
·         To live in the self-knowledge of your own Divinity. We are all sons and daughters of the Divine. No more, no less. 
·         To be, feel and act on the Love that is in your Heart without neglecting the gifts of the head. 
·         To be FREE. Only self-knowledge allows you the freedom you seek.

All of the above are not gifts for a special few, but are Divine gifts given to all humankind. But do you know (feel and sense) these treasures of life to be true to you? You were born into this world as a Soul which knows all of these birthrights, so all you need do is to get to know and BE your Soul. To get to know your Soul, the head (brain-mind identity) would have you think that you need to constantly work on your apparent weaknesses and failures. This may lead to permanently identifying with our suffering, our stories, our losses, and the conditioning all humans have to varying degrees. But the 'new' way of the mind (the Holistic Mind) teaches us otherwise. The Soul knows that the way to deal with unresolved emotional patterns and conditions is from the Love within. The deeper you become aware of the living presence of your Soul, the more Love you will feel and sense. The more Love you feel and sense, the more naturally and efficiently you will heal, and the quicker you will let go of what was in the way of your Divine birthright. So the Soul teaches us not to dwell on our apparent misfortune, but to bathe in the love and joy within. That is the way to evolve, and the only way our race will survive. The way to resolve fear is not by facing the fear when we are fearful, but to Love ourselves. If we love ourselves, the fears, worries and regrets we hold on to, will naturally arise, but will also dissolve. Similarly, the way to resolve any problem is to find the SOUL-ution. Your Soul speaks from love and openness, from intuition and compassion, and so has the natural remedy to any problem. As Einstein pointed out to us … “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” And the Soul takes it further than that. To survive and evolve, we need to learn to resolve from Love. Any SOUL-ution is from Love because it honours the whole truth and needs of any given situation.
In fact I can go as far as to say that everything is resolved by Love. Of course we need to use the rational mind as a tool too, but a natural combination of heart and head is the real art of Soulness. To evolve (and we must) we need to learn to listen, feel and sense from the heart before taking appropriate action with the head. This is what I call Doing from Being and is the effortless action of the Soul.  

So how can we get to listen, feel and sense from the heart? Well, first we need to learn how to deal with the residual content we each have. This residual content is present in our heads in the form of emotions, beliefs, addictions, patterns and conditions. For example, the fact that you were accidentally scared by a large man in a suit with a moustache when you were six years old doesn’t simply dissolve. That information received from the senses (large man, suit, and moustache) stays in your memory and becomes a way of identifying with ‘scared’. You will identify with that residual content as real when it is not.  So we each need to learn to see through our residual content and converge with the loving flow of life. 
Love and Peace are ours. Let's reclaim them now.