Thursday, March 19, 2015


Over the last few decades, spiritual seekers have identified with their awakening experiences as being 'it', when these 'glimpses' are just the beginning of the expansion of consciousness from individual to universal. 

In reality we are beings of duality AND non-duality. They are BOTH needed, both sacred. To simply live in one or the other excludes and separates our inherent Wholeness. In truth we are multidimensional beings who can adapt and change to what is required of us in any given moment. We are Animal and we are Divine. That is our reality - and that is what we have constantly overlooked. 

The art of Wholeness is about remaining awake to the dimensions of Body, Mind, Spirit in any given moment. That is to say that I am this physical form called Jonathan, I have a unique personality and conditioned mind, and yet I am also conscious in sense and feeling that the Awareness present in me is also the very same Awareness in you. That underneath all the thoughts, memories and patterns in your mind there is the one essential intelligent ground of Being which is whole and loving. This is the 'Enlightened' Life Source we all came from and what we will all return to one day. 

So we are the same yet different. 
We are the One and the many.

If we can harness all that we are, remain aware and not attach ourselves to any one concept or possibility, then we may become liberated Souls living a conscious, unburdened existence, at one with the flow of Life itself.