Friday, August 14, 2015

Advice for writing your first novel...

I am pleased to let anyone interested know that I have two new books coming out in early 2016.
YOU are THIS - Awakening to the Living presence of your Soul is being published by Mantra.
And my first novel, THE SOUL WHISPERER is to be published by Roundfire Books.
Check out the YouTube book trailer by clicking on the bar above if you haven't already.

I'd like to pass on the following helpful hints to anyone trying to write a fictional novel;

1. Never give up - there are times when you want to give up or stop, but keep going.
2. Be yourself - tell the story in your own words. It's the story and characters (not your IQ) that readers are interested in.
3. Imagine and create with freedom - boundaries are often other people's concepts of what should be.
4. Don't copy another author's style - be true to who you are.
5. Keep it simple - over complicated plots and texts only disconnect the reader.
6. Read it aloud to yourself once finished, and re-write as necessary - recognize the rhythm of your prose.
7. Edit, edit and edit. When you've done that... edit. Most people tend to do the opposite.
8. Less is better, and more interesting - and keeps the reader engaged in your story.
9. Safeguard your manuscript on a stick and / or send by email - just sensible advice.
10. If you LOVE what you do, others will too.

Now get writing and good luck to you.