Friday, April 1, 2016

AWARD WIN FOR DEBUT NOVEL - THE SOUL WHISPERER: A Tale of Hidden Truths & Unspoken Possibilities.

I am delighted and humbled that my recently published debut novel THE SOUL WHISPERER has been announced as the WINNER of the FOURTH BEVERLY HILLS INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS® in the category of Visionary Fiction (2016). 

The book took many months of time and energy to come together, and it feels really satisfying to think that professionals from all aspects of the book industry including publishers, writers, editors designers and copywriters deemed THE SOUL WHISPERER worthy of such a mention. 

Here's a recent review;

"Alex and Sara Brunton were hoping a change of scene would help them recover from the blow of a miscarriage. The couple takes off for a trip to France to visit a relative, but instead of tranquil days and starry nights, they are pulled into a web of intrigue that has brought about ruin and death for a millennium. The two quickly become the targets of a group fanatically determined to stop them from revealing what they've found about a mysterious artifact. With the help of a local sage, they draw closer and closer to the truth...and to danger. Hairsbreadth escapes, double crosses and strong action sequences feature prominently in The Soul Whisperer, as does a undercurrent of spirituality. This is an exciting, rousing read."

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