Monday, January 26, 2015


Every single one of us has a purpose, a reason to be. We may not see it yet, and we may at times be misled or confused by the mind-set of ourselves and others. 
Life is a journey, a step at a time. We all get lost, we all fall down. Accept this as part of the flow of life. 
But we can all get back up. Sometimes we feel we can’t, and that 'life' is too much. But this is when we’re surrounded by doubt and fear. The fear of not knowing.
If we don’t give up, we can find the strength to accept and embrace the wonderful possibility of change.
We each need to experience the dark side of life to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, the beautiful mystery that we are ALL a part of.
We are not what we appear to be. We are much, much more.
We can each do something unique and fulfilling if we find and follow our true path and naturally connect with our inner and outer purpose.
If you follow the rich rewarding abundance of your human spirit, then you will do things that inspire yourself and others. You will be living the journey of your Soul. 
Find what you love, and follow it. See it through with your entire being and you will discover a life of value and worth you could never imagine possible.
Go for it!