Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Using our Friend the Ego

For many years, I spent my time deconstructing the ego and getting to the core of my identity.
When I arrived at the core, it was 'empty' of all individuality, for it was trans-personal Awareness which is anonymous. I described this in the best way I could in my book - 'NAKED BEING: Undressing your Mind, Transforming your Life' - 

'The human struggle is a search for Wholeness. We spend our lives trying to be complete. We begin by accumulating as much material wealth, status, power, honour and conditioned versions of 'success' as we possibly can, but in the end all of these are found to be lacking. None of them can be sustained, for they are mind-made creations. We realise that the meaning we seek is never going to be found outside of ourselves, and so we begin to search inside. When we delve deeply into our core, we find that our inner being is mystifyingly empty - empty of self. Within this emptiness, the fullness of LIFE is uncovered. From this non-dual awakening we see all 'things' as illusory because the world of form is recognised to be fleeting and in a sense 'unreal'. As awareness deepens, a real grounding and balancing of the poles of being occurs. The non-dual Spirit becomes established in the duality of the body and the world, providing a practical way for Naked Being to manifest. A rounded Wholeness arises from accepting the outer self to be the way your non-dual Nature is released into the world. You now know yourself to be a unique individual following the ONE essence of LIFE called Spirit.'

Now I find myself reconstructing the ego, in order to implement change and transformation in myself and others.
It's a strange ride, but a fulfilling one.
If we can become the pilot of the ego, we can use all that we are to make this world a better place.
So seek the core of the ego, uncover it's essence, and then allow your Heart to steer the ego in the world.
Such is the consciousness of the Soul, and the alchemy of a new world.