Monday, February 2, 2015


In this early part of the 21st century, human consciousness is rapidly changing across the planet. We are growing away from materialism and outdated corrupt social hierarchical systems, and looking for a real way forward. 

Hold on tight, for many things are going to collapse in the next twenty years. 

And yet the way 'out' is already here. This ‘already here’ paradigm is a hybrid stepping stone to a new way of thinking, living and being. I call it hybrid because this is what occurs when two ways of living (in this case the cultures of separation and Oneness) converge: a consciousness beyond dualism and non-dualism emerges, resulting in a multidimensional way of being and doing in the world.

Conceptualising something before it is accepted as being reality is no easy matter, but this next stage of human evolution signals the ending of the old mind of Homo Sapiens, and heralds the arrival of SOULNESS - the consciousness of the Soul, the mind of “Homo Novus”. It is the mind of the Soul because your Soul is the presently evolving dynamic dimension of you which knows itself to be inextricably connected to the singular and essential intelligence of Life. It is unique, diverse and yet interconnected. It has uniqueness, individuality and ego, but is void of ego as an identity because it does not cling to any one dimension of being. That means it doesn't cling to non-ego either. In accepting all that we are, we can experience all we may become. 

Soulness acts from an effortless yet discerning deep love, a love which arises from the self-knowledge that we are BOTH unique AND inseparable. It is the consciousness of convergence, a coming together of the holistic knowledge of the body, mind, and spirit realms of being. And it is something to celebrate, to dance with, to enjoy and to share.
The Soul acts from the core of who we are. It is ever-loving and aware, and has the ability to discern. Not all Soul-action is pink and fluffy, and yet all action comes from an undeniable awareness of the connected nature of all things.

There is a transformation going on in the world, a transformation being brought about by our desire to change coupled with an inherent nature to survive. If you follow the path of your Soul, you will be sharing a sacred, loving momentum that will support the present revolutionary change in human consciousness.

So share your Soul and help realise the goal!