Sunday, November 29, 2015


When we believe life to be absolutely separate - then consciousness is led by dual conditioning, or what is commonly referred to as individuality. Ego, self, me.

When human consciousness is absolutely identified with the One True Self of Awareness, the inseparable foundation of all-that-is, then it can be said to be universal. Non-ego, no-self and not-me (there is no me!).

The expansion and purification of consciousness leads us from an individual mind to a universal no-mind. However, when both these are let go of, then a valuable, grounded paradox emerges.

The foreground of consciousness solidifies so that individuality and universality homogenize.
Individuality is purged, which frees us to realize the oneness of all things, which in turn allows a hybrid consciousness to appear. This is the living truth of the non-dual Reality - expressed by a universal-individual or Unividual - an authentic persona led by the abiding presence of Being.

This is consciousness, present as One but interwoven and inseparable from the physical dimension of form (the Two). You are then a conscious Human Being - or more specifically, a Human conscious of our Being.

Because over the last few years the meaning of non-duality has become distorted and confused, with innumerable claims of instant enlightenment and of 'Nothing to do... no one to be" scattered about like child's sweets, I have come up with a term which explains the paradoxical truth.

I call it One-duality.

One-duality is marked by the non-negation of all dimensions of being, including Being itself, for then an all-inclusive acceptance replaces the mind's tendency to finalize or pigeonhole ideas, beliefs, experiences and non-experiences.

The Unividual is neither ignorant nor enlightened, simply Awakening. There is no claim or label of being 'Awakened' because there is no ending to the infinite beings we really are.
So a Unividual is awakening to the living presence of their Soul.
A Soul which is a whole and a part, or a Whole-part.
You are a being of One-duality, a Soul, and an instrument of Authentic Action and Change in the world.
Bring it on!

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