Friday, November 27, 2015


Universal Intelligence is. You might call it God, the Divine, Truth, the Self, Awareness, Being or Pure Consciousness or by a myriad of other names. These are all labels, names, signposts and indicators to the Sole Cosmic Constant.

The wonderful thing is, if you choose, you can make your way closer to this infinite reality. More than that you can touch it's authenticity, and should you do so, your consciousness will be transformed forever.

When we are led by the ego, life is disconnected and shallow, always containing a sense of lack. It doesn't matter what you own or who you think you are, or who others think you are, for without this abiding Universal connection, you will seek to satisfy your ego in unsustainable ways. It's a bit like identifying who you are with your looks, a house or a car. All of these will dissolve. So the remedy is to seek that which doesn't fade or deteriorate with time. Therefore, the Soul-ution is to seek that which is timeless and beyond form.

When we recognize the reality of Universal Intelligence, there is no longer a choice. The only choice that remains is to cling to this as our identity. However, if we let go of the non-dual realization, then something magical (and ordinary!) happens.

Moving through the alignment and grounding of inner and outer being, Universal Intelligence is seen to be the key to the actualization of your Soul. There is nothing more you can do, give or share in this life than to manifest this proactive and transparent catalyst, for it provides the opportunity for the earthly incarnation of your Soul.


Here's a few paradoxical contemplations on the Soul from my new book YOU are THIS;
  • The authentic Soul is the manifestation of a Universal-Individual or Unividual.
  • The consciousness of the Soul lives duality knowing it to be the One.
  • The Soul is a conscious Whole and part simultaneously, a Whole-part, without separation.
  • No Soul is identical – yet all Souls are unified.
  • Souls are unique patterns of a singular Consciousness.
  • Awareness purges the personality so that the Soul may live it in earthly authenticity. 
  • While it is true the Soul is within you, it is also true that you are within your Soul.
  • You cannot remember to search for the Soul. You find it, and then you remember.
  • In Soulness (the consciousness of the Soul) the persona is lived, but without a follower
  • Only through the window of Awareness can the unique persona of the Soul be expressed
In short, when your consciousness becomes available to manifest the living presence of your Soul, you will be a conduit for the evolution of human consciousness. You are the answer. You are the SOUL-UTION!